Feeling more tired than you should? Like no matter how much sleep you get, you just can’t quite snap out of a funk? Maybe you’re also feeling a lack of motivation in the bedroom, or even just a lack of motivation of life in general.

There can be any number of reasons for feeling that way, but if you’re reading this, chances are you suspect low testosterone levels are at fault. Testosterone is a hormone produced by men that fuels their sex drive, muscle gain and overall sense of confidence. It’s also involved in things like bone density and low cholesterol. In other words, it’s pretty important.

Since most symptoms of low testosterone can be attributed to other factors as well, it’s important to get your hormone levels tested before you diagnose yourself. And, even if you have gotten yourself tested, you’ll want to look at your options. There are a wide variety of ways to boost testosterone. Some of them are clinical (like DHEA) but many involve simple lifestyle changes.

Lose Weight: The links between body weight and low testosterone levels are not entirely understood, but the links are nevertheless there. Overweight men are more likely to experience low testosterone levels than men, and losing some of that weight may help boost testosterone. If you are going to lose weight, it’s important to put together a plan. It’s not as simple as eating less—it’s about limiting the amount of fats and sugars you eat and making sure to get plenty of vegetables, lean meat (like fish and grilled chicken) and healthy fats (which you can find in nuts and avocados.) Start by making small choices, like swapping your daily Diet Coke for a glass of water, and build up the major lifestyle changes.

Intensive Exercise: Short bursts of intense exercise have been shown to increase testosterone levels, but be warned, this is not your average workout. Going for a jog or doing some light to moderate weight lifting isn’t the type of exercise we’re talking about. High intensity exercise is about pushing your body. It’s not as easy as a light jog around the block, but it can have a positive effect on your testosterone levels. What’s more, high intensity exercise actually saves time. When you’re going hard, you’re not going to be able to go for very long. Choose an intense exercise—like burpees—and do as many as you can in thirty seconds. Then rest for sixty seconds. Repeat that seven times. The whole thing only takes about fifteen minutes—and it will be an unpleasant fifteen minutes—but when it’s done, it’s done.

Eat More Zinc and Vitamin D: Zinc is a mineral. Vitamin D is a hormone. They don’t have much in common besides what they do for your body, and that is aid in the production of testosterone. Something else they have in common: Many of us don’t get enough of them. However, that’s an easy fix. Zinc can be found in high-protein foods like fish and other types of meats. Zinc can also be found in milk, cheese and yogurt. Vitamin D, as you probably know, is tied to sunlight. Many Americans don’t go outside enough to get their recommended dosage of Vitamin D, but that’s easy enough to fix. Just make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen.

Reduce Stress: Strange but true: Stress is actually a hormone. It’s called cortisol, and when your body produces a lot of it, it lowers your testosterone levels. So, if you find yourself frequently stressed out, your body may react by limiting your testosterone levels. In fact, many people find themselves afflicted with what’s called chronic stress, in which cortisone levels are elevated long term—and nobody wants that. More testosterone is only one of the many benefits of finding ways to limit your stress levels, but it’s as good a motivator as any. Set boundaries at work. Find things you enjoy doing and carve out time to do them. Some people might find prayer and meditation helpful. Others might want to set aside time to talk to a counselor. There aren’t many wrong ways to seek to reduce stress. The important thing is that you do it.

Unfortunately, none of these activities are one hundred percent guaranteed to fix all testosterone deficiency problems. Seeking out help from a clinic is the only surefire to boost your testosterone to its optimal levels. If you’re at all concerned about your levels, click here to book an appointment at our clinic and we can give you the personal attention you need.

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