It’s easy to assume that, if you’re dealing with ED, it’s because your body is, to use a medical term, out of whack.

This leads to a serious amount of body shame that keeps a lot of guys from even considering the fact that there might be some external factors involved in their inability to get an erection.

For example, there are medications you might be taking that are slowing down your blood flow, making it harder to achieve an erection. As a matter of fact, there’s one drug that’s used to treat premature ejaculation that can end up causing problems with erectile dysfunction.

Blood pressure medication. Antidepressants. These and plenty of other drugs can end up slowing down your erection or stopping it altogether—and combining certain medications can compound the problem and make things even worse.

This is why we tend to see a lot of guys who will say, “Yeah, I just got diagnosed with high blood pressure and right after I got diagnosed with high blood pressure, I started having problems getting my erections.” These guys think they’re hugely unlucky, but actually, it’s something much more manageable. They started taking medication to deal with their high blood pressure, and the medication caused ED.

The good news is, this can be dealt with very easily. Usually, it’s as simple as asking your doctor to try a different kind of medication.

Long story short, if you’re taking regular medication and experiencing some performance issues, there’s a chance the two are related. Schedule an appointment with us, and hear about your other options.

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