What every man needs to keep in mind.

Let’s play a quick game of word association.

Erectile dysfunction.

Most of our associations are limited to the elderly man whose tool has stopped working. The reality, however, is much more diverse.

Instead, imagine a young man in his 30’s whose marriage is suffering because he can’t have sex with his wife on a regular basis. Then picture a man in his 40’s whose confidence is suffering because he knows something just “isn’t right.” Or think about a 50-year-old bachelor who has finally found the love of his life but bows to the fear that he’s “lost it.”

The moral of this story? Erectile Dysfunction isn’t what most people think it is.

Here are three things you probably don’t know about ED.

1) ED is a Modern Epidemic.

ED is far more common than people realize. Believe it or not, up to 30 million men in the United States are victims of the disorder.

There are many reasons that someone could have symptoms of ED in, ranging from lifestyle choices to psychological issues such as guilt, depression, and anxiety. The causes vary but most often, ED comes as a side effect to other health issues—which is one reason why ED is much more common in older men. About 17% of men in their 60’s experience some form of ED, a number that jumps to 47% for men in their 70’s.

Regardless of why it happens, the reality is that it does happen much more than anyone realizes.  And there is no reason why you or anyone else dealing with ED symptoms should feel embarrassed or ashamed. You are not alone;  in fact, there are many men out there who are dealing with this every day, just like you.

2) Young People have Penis Problems, Too.

Despite popular opinion, ED isn’t just in older men. While no one argues that age does increase the likelihood of experiencing ED, the bottom line is that the age of  those being affected is getting lower.

Dr. Paolo Capogrosso completed a study in 2014 that assessed 429 men who were complaining of symptoms associated with ED and to their surprise, 114 (26%) were under the age of 40. This being one of the first studies to reveal such findings shows the lack of attention given to younger men in regards to their sexual health.

3)There IS a solution.

When you visit a men’s clinic, the first thing you’ll probably do is answer a slew of questions. Well, that’s the first thing that should happen. A good medical professional should always want to know all about you and what you’re dealing with.

If you seem to be making all the right lifestyle choices, the next thing to do figure out is if your symptoms are a result of erectile dysfunction.

If your doctor decides that an ED treatment is best for you, you will then spend some time discussing options. When you think of treatments for erectile dysfunction, you probably think of Viagra. But while it can be helpful for some people, Viagra should not be considered an automatic solution.

After all, every man is different.

You might consider an injectable medication.  But if you’re squeamish and the idea of injecting yourself with a needle is just not happening, there are alternatives such as TriMix-gel that are really effective and extremely easy to use.

All this to say…

You have options. There are safe, affordable and extremely effective options.

Everyone deserves to lead a happy life in and outside of the bedroom. If your sexual health isn’t where you want it to be or you have that feeling that something just ‘isn’t right,’ it’s worth your time to take a quick test to figure out if what you’re experiencing is normal for your age and lifestyle.

The Southwest Men’s Clinic offers a ten-question survey to help you figure that out. It’ll take you less than five minutes and will probably be the easiest thing you do all day. There IS a solution for erectile dysfunction but the decision to FIND that solution starts here:  


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