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Please meet our The Southwest Men's Clinic panel of professional men's sexual health. At The Southwest Men's Clinic, you will always receive the highest professionalism, confidentiality, and quality medical advice and treatment.

Dr. John Justin Caulfield

National Medical Director

Dr. John Justin Caulfield, Medical Director of The Southwest Men’s Clinic, was born in Kansas City, Missouri to Dr. James B. Caulfield, former Pathology Professor at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He earned his Medical Degree at the University of South Carolina. After graduating medical school, Dr. Caulfield completed his residency in Urology at St. Louis University Hospital and went on to become Assistant Professor of Urology at Tulane University. Dr. Caulfield’s enthusiasm abounds for advancement in men’s sexual health. He has published many articles regarding Urologic Disease and has over 18 years experience and dedication to his patients. Dr. Caulfield serves as the Medical Director for several medical practices across the country. Dr. Caulfield has mastered the ability to address and correct all symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.